Don’t get lost

 “Wandering and getting lost is common among people with dementia and can happen during any stage of the disease.’
Your dementia sufferer (DS) may get lost frequently – while he is driving, strolling through the shopping center, on a walk around the neighborhood, or even in the house.  This is just one of the dementia symptoms you have to deal with.  However, YOU can’t get lost because your DS needs to know where you are basically at all times even in the house.
“Living with dementia can make people feel insecure and anxious. They may feel a constant need to be reassured, because the world around them no longer makes sense. This is why they may follow you around and look for reassurance that they are not alone. They may also have forgotten where you are and follow you to check you’re still there.”
Your DS will ask you why you are leaving the room every time you leave the room whether you are going to the kitchen or the bathroom or to let the dog out.  It may be obvious to you why you are leaving the room, but it isn’t to him.  They need to know every time.  You need to learn to tell him every time just to comfort him.  Don’t answers with an edge in your voice.  When you return to the room, he may ask you where you have been.  Respond softly that you went to the toilet or let the dog in.
The goal is for everyone to remain calm even if you have to use a few extra words to do so.  Don’t get lost yourself in the changes brought on by dementia in your loved one.  He needs you to stay found.

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