Tuesday morning

We go to an exercise class at 10:30 am every Tuesday.

Me at 8:00 am:           Do u want to go exercise today?

Him at 8:00 am:          Yes.

Me at 9:00 am:           I am going to class at 10:30. You are going, right?

Me at 9:30 am:           I am going to take a shower before class.

Me at 10:00 am:         I am leaving in 15 minutes.

Him at 10:00 am:      Why didn’t u tell me earlier? I don’t have time to get ready.

Me:                              I did tell you.

Him:                            When did you tell me?

Me:                              Reiterated previous announcements.

Him:                            Next time, tell me earlier.

Me:                              Ok.


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