Not cottage cheese

As hard as all of this is on me, I must continue to realize how much harder it is on my dementia sufferer (DS) as he enters the abyss of increasing loss of cognitive functions. As you know, dementia frequently becomes noticeable when the DS starts to struggle for words. Often it starts with a word or two they can’t recall which can lead to some oddly funny conversations. One of the initial words that my DS couldn’t recall was ‘yogurt’. Next time you play charades, try to guess the word yogurt. Not easy. He would be standing with the refrigerator door open trying to find a carton of yogurt while simultaneously describing it to me. The winning clue was ‘not cottage cheese’. Even though we succeeded in finding the yogurt, he also succeeded in understanding that he no longer knew how to communicate. Not a happy ending.

One comment

  1. I would probably be making excuses, such as “yogurt is not an every-day word, so it isn’t surprising that someone wouldn’t be able to think of it.” I’m sure you would love to make excuses also, but you have too many other examples that prove the real reason.

    It is sad for both of you, and I wish I could help.


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