You can’t change time.  You can’t change dementia.  You adjust.  You learn how to adjust your schedule to that of your dementia sufferer (DS).  His skewed awareness of time becomes part of your new schedule.  Any rules about doing laundry on Mondays or having dinner on the table at a certain time can be bent.

If your DS is engrossed in watching a tv show, then take that time to exercise or meditate.  Read the news on your smartphone while stirring the soup when he is in the other room sorting out his camera equipment.  Pay bills and file papers when he is taking a nap.  When possible, adjust your schedule to his to promote calm and productivity.  

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  1. Since a DS won’t be focused on anyone but himself or herself, I can see how much easier it would be for the care giver to adapt to whatever the DS is involved in. For a very rigid person, that would be terribly difficult, but for the person who is somewhat flexible to begin with, it would make life calmer and less stressful.

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