Battle Reduplicate

Taking care of someone with dementia is like a struggle between Thor and Loki because you don’t know who will win this time, so you battle on. On one side you have despair and on the other side hope.

This daily emotional struggle is because someone you love is not doing well and your heart aches. Your loved one has dementia. A relentless, draining, and irrevocable disease, but you struggle on hoping you can make a difference. Hoping that you can do something that will please and comfort your loved one for a bit.

You cannot defeat dementia; you can only take care of your loved one and by doing so, you can keep the despair at bay. You know you did your best to bring a smile or a precious memory to your loved one. Maybe you just gave them a hug. Not a cure, but a meaningful moment between the two of you.

Odin’s beard!