I walk on eggshells. I breathe eggshells. I sleep, eat, and drink eggshells. My environment is an eggshell because I am a full-time caregiver for a person with dementia. Dementia presents me with a different person each day. In an effort to keep things calm and stable each day, I deal with eggshells.

By eggshells, I mean mini-confrontations. Because of his memory loss, he forgets. He forgets the date and then asks me if I am sure when I tell him what it is. He forgets what the physical therapist told him to do each day and tells me I am wrong when I try to explain. He forgets to take his pills and becomes irritated when I remind him. He thinks I am trying to control everything when I ask him to sign the tax forms even though he can no longer comprehend even the simplest arithmetic. So many aspects of our normal daily life are now confrontational and we cannot avoid the crunching underfoot.

If you are in a similar role as a caregiver, you understand. If you are not, I hope you never find yourself walking on eggshells.


  1. Do you have a Power of Attorney to be able to sign documents for him? You need to get one if not….heart breaking for your difficulties….


  2. I read what you wrote last night and have tried to think of some helpful response. I feel bad for everyone who is experiencing your situation, and you, especially


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