In her bullet journal my granddaughter is chronicling her extended leave from school, friends, and the world in general due to the coronavirus pandemic. At this point, it has been only a couple months of quarantine at home, though I wonder what her journal will contain six months from now. So far, she has been doing her online schoolwork in a dutiful fashion and, knowing her, will continue to do so until the regular school term is over. But I wonder what will happen if regular school doesn’t start up in the fall which will be her senior year in high school? What will she write about then? How will she cope with quarantine then or the changes that coronavirus has made in the world? Gen Z of which she is a part already has an entirely different take on society and its mores than her current ancestors – parents and grandparents. While we are quarantined together as a family without much tangible loss other than socialization with others, we are not seventeen. She is. We will never know the full effects that such a mass social quarantine will have on one’s psyche and perspective in the long run.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


  1. Fortunately, kids are so resilient that she’ll very likely go right on, and then look back later and have some thoughts like, “That was a weird time.” She has the ability to talk with friends on the phone or through all the other ways kids communicate these days. So much of the time, they seem to choose texting over face-to-face conversations, so the difference isn’t as great as it would be for older people who aren’t so techy. I think she’ll be perfectly fine, and I hope she realizes how much better it is for her than the people we can imagine, who live in high-rise apartments in cities, possibly with several small children, and unemployed parents.

    I guess everyone misses going out to eat and shopping, but we can at least order clothes and gadgets on line, and that’s something people in the past couldn’t do.

    I realize kids don’t appreciate being reminded of how much better they have it than the people of the past did, but it doesn’t hurt to mention how bad this shut-down is for most of the people in the world.


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