Sometimes we laugh…

He sits at the desk moving his hand in circles by the laptop.

“Where is the____?” he asks, wanting me to fill in the blank.

I look at him not comprehending yet and wait for another clue.

“The dog?” he tries.

Knowing he meant a different animal, we both laugh. Those are good times.

image credit: Unsplash – Shagal Sajid


  1. I am glad that you can find things to laugh about. When you both get tickled about something, it must bring back earlier times, and that must be a pleasant feeling. Maybe it even gives you hope that things can remain like that. What a comfort that must be!

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  2. I agree with the other commenters – it must be so nice now and then to simply have a “normal” exchange. And like the  others, I just hope for more moments like these as the days unwind…

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