Let It Go

There are little things that used to make a difference to me, but I can’t be bothered with them now. For example, I was a clean dish towel freak. It upset me to know that while my back was turned, the dish towel was being used to dry off the dog’s feet or wipe off golf shoes. Several days’ worth of clothes draped over the posts on the 4-poster bed and piled on bedroom chairs drove me crazy. I have been lectured countless times about leaving the lights on when I leave a room, so I found it odd that there were lights on around the house. And it is a good thing that our refrigerator has a door alarm, as it gets left open from time to time.

The dirty dish towels, the un-closeted clothes, the burning lights, even the open frig door all don’t matter so much now. Get out a new dish towel each day. Hang up the clothes. Turn off the lights. Shut the door. Don’t say anything. Do what you need to do and then go hug your DS. This is love now.

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