Motherhood doesn’t come out of the birth canal along with a baby. It comes from the heart. It starts with a trickle of tears and quickly becomes a gush of emotion. Along the way it is a river that carries mother and child together sometimes peacefully, sometimes rushing over rocks tossing everything and everyone at random. Hopefully, mother and child eventually end up united in calm waters.

image credit: Madison White


  1. True. A river is a good metaphor. Motherhood can also be compared to a road. Lots of ups and downs, and some rough spots, followed by smooth riding and the ability to hear the music on the radio. Even when the destination is unknown for a while, it is reached eventually. Children grow up if they are lucky. Mothers may sigh in relief, but the concern and love they feel is with them forever.

    It would be interesting to think of other metaphors that could apply. Any other thoughts?

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